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User changes

This file tracks configuration changes and deprecations. Additionally changest to Moonraker that require user intervention will be tracked here.

December 24th 2023

  • The gpio component no longer depends on libgpiod. Instead, Moonraker now uses the python-periphery library to manage GPIOs. This comes with several benefits:
  • Distributions that do no ship with libgpiod will not fail during installation if the python3-libgpiod package isn't present.
  • Distributions with a Kernel Version of 5.5 or higher support bias flags (ie: pull up or pull down). Previously this functionality was tied to the libgpiod version. Specifically, Debian Buster ships with a Kernel that supports bias, however the libgpiod version does not.
  • Version 2.0+ of libgpiod includes dramatic API changes that are wholly incompatible with prior versions. Therefore maintaining future versions would effectively require supporting two APIs.
  • The [button] component now includes a debounce_period option. This addition is the result of a behavior change in how gpio state changes are debounced. Debouncing will now delay the event by the time specified in the debounce_period. Additional state changes received during this delay will not trigger a button event. The [button] module retains the minimum_event_time option which will ignore events shorter than the specified time.

July 18th 2023

  • The following changes have been made to [update_manager <name>] extensions of the git_repo type:
  • The env option has been deprecated. New configurations should use the virtualenv option in its place.
  • The install_script option has been deprecated. New configurations should use the system_dependencies option to specify system package dependencies.
  • Configuration options for [spoolman] have been added
  • Configuration options for [sensor] have been added

Februrary 8th 2023

  • The provider option in the [machine] section no longer accepts supervisord as an option. It has been renamed to supervisord_cli.

January 2nd 2023

  • The bound_service option for [power] devices has been deprecated in favor of bound_services. Currently this change does not generate a warning as it can be reliably resolved internally.

October 14th 2022

  • The systemd service file is now versioned. Moonraker can now detect when the file is out of date and automate corrections as necessary.
  • Moonraker's command line options are now specified in an environment file, making it possible to change these options without modifying the service file and reloading the systemd daemon. The default location of the environment file is ~/printer_data/systemd/moonraker.env.
  • Moonraker now manages files and folders in a primary data folder supplied by the -d (--data-path) command line option. As a result, the following options have been deprecated:
    • ssl_certificate_path in [server]
    • ssl_key_path in [server]
    • database_path in [database]
    • config_path in [file_manager]
    • log_path in [file_manager]
    • secrets_path in [secrets]
  • Debugging options are now supplied to Moonraker via the command line. The -v (--verbose) option enables verbose logging, while the -g (--debug) option enables debug features, including access to debug endpoints and the repo debug feature in update_manager. As a result, the following options are deprecated:
    • enable_debug_logging in [server]
    • enable_repo_debug in [update_manager]

July 27th 2022

  • The behavior of [include] directives has changed. Included files are now parsed as they are encountered. If sections are duplicated options in the last section parsed take precendence. If you are using include directives to override configuration in moonraker.conf the directives should be moved to the bottom of the file.
  • Configuration files now support inline comments.

April 6th 2022

  • The ability to configure core components in the [server]section is now deprecated. When legacy items are detected in [server] a warning will be generated. It is crucially important to move configuration to the correct section as in the future it will be a hard requirement.

Feburary 22nd 2022

  • The on_when_upload_queued option for [power] devices has been deprecated in favor of on_when_job_queued. As the new option name implies, this option will power on the device when any new job is queued, not only when its sourced from an upload. The on_when_upload_queued option will be treated as an alias to on_when_job_queued until its removal.

February 16th 2022

  • Webcam settings can now be defined in the moonraker.conf file, under the [octoprint_compat] section. The default values are being used as default values.

Default values: | Setting | Default value | |---------|---------------| | flip_h | False | | flip_v | False | | rotate_90 | False | | stream_url | /webcam/?action=stream | | webcam_enabled | True |

January 22th 2022

  • The color_order option in the [wled] section has been deprecated. This is configured in wled directly. This is not a breaking change, the setting will simply be ignored not affecting functionality.

December 24th 2021

  • The password_file option in the [mqtt] section has been deprecated. Use the password option instead. This option may be a template, thus can resolve secrets stored in the [secrets] module.

November 7th 2021

  • Previously all core components received configuration through the [server] config section. As Moonraker's core functionality has expanded this is becoming unsustainable, thus core components should now be configured in their own section. For example, the config_path and log_path should now be configured in the [file_manager] section of moonraker.conf. See the configuration documentation for details. This is not a breaking change, core components will still fall back to checking the [server] section for configuration.

April 19th 2021

  • The [authorization] module is now a component, thus is only loaded if the user has it configured in moonraker.conf. This deprecates the previous enable option, as it is enabled if configured and disabled otherwise.
  • The API Key is now stored in the database. This deprecates the api_key_file option in the [authorization] module. Users can no longer read the contents of the API Key file to retrieve the API Key. Instead, users can run scripts/ to print the API Key. Alternative a user can navigate to http://{moonraker-host}/access/api_key from a trusted client to retrieve the API Key.

March 10th 2021

  • The cors_domain option in the [authoriztion] section is now checked for dangerous entries. If a domain entry contains a wildcard in the top level domain (ie: http://www.*) then it will be rejected, as malicious website can easily reproduce this match.

March 6th 2021

  • The enable_debug_logging in the [server] section now defaults to False. This dramatically reduces the amount of logging produced by Moonraker for the typical user.

March 4th 2021

  • To enable OctoPrint compatibility with slicer uploads it is now required to add [octoprint_compat] to moonraker.conf. After making this change it is necessary to restart the Moonraker service so the module is loaded.

December 31st 2020

  • The file manager no longer restricts the config_path to a folder within the HOME directory. The path may not be the system root, however it can reside anywhere else on the file system as long as Moonraker has read and write access to the directory. This applies to gcode path received from Klipper via the virtual_sdcard section as well.

December 6th 2020

  • Moonraker is now installed as a systemd service. This allows logging to stdout which can be viewed with the journalctl -u moonraker command. This changes requires the user to rerun the install script. If moonraker.conf is not located in the home directory, the command will looks something like the following:
    cd ~/moonraker
    ./scripts/ -f -c /home/pi/klipper_config/moonraker.conf

Otherwise you can run the install script with no arguments.

November 19th 2020

  • The install script ( now has command-line options:\ -r Rebuild the python virtual env\ -f Force an overwrite of /etc/default/moonraker during installation\ -c /path/to/moonraker.conf Allows user to specify the path to moonraker.conf during configuration. Using this in conjunction with -f will update the defaults file wih the new path.
  • New dependencies have been added to Moonraker which require reinstallation. Run the following command to reinstall and rebuild the virtualenv:

    ~/moonraker/scripts/ -r
  • The power plugin configuration has changed. See the install guide for details on the new configuration.

  • Users transitioning from the previous version of the power plugin will need to unexport any curently used pins. For example, the following command may be used to unexport pin 19:
    echo 19 > /sys/class/gpio/unexport

Alternatively one may reboot the machine after upgrading:

cd ~/moonraker/
git pull
~/moonraker/scripts/ -r
sudo reboot

Make sure that the power plugin configuration has been updated prior to rebooting the machine.