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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.



  • notifier: The attach option now supports Jinja2 templates.
  • notifier: The attach option may now contain multiple attachments, each separated by a newline.
  • notifier: Added support for a configurable body_format
  • power: Added support for generic http type switches.
  • metadata: Added support for OrcaSlicer
  • zeroconf: Added support for a configurable mDNS hostname.
  • zeroconf: Added support for UPnP/SSDP Discovery.
  • spoolman: Added integration to the Spoolman filament manager.
  • update_manager: Added support for update rollbacks
  • update_manager: Added support for stable git_repo updates
  • server: Added a --unixsocket command line option
  • server: Command line options may also be specified as env variables
  • server: Added a route_prefix option
  • webcam: Webcam APIs can now specify cameras by uid or name
  • deps: Added support for optional msgspec and uvloop packages
  • extensions: Agents may now register remote methods with Klipper
  • file_manager: Add check_klipper_config_path option
  • button: Added debounce_period option
  • history: Added a check for previous jobs not finished (ie: when power is lost during a print). These jobs will report their status as interrupted.
  • build: Added support for optional speedup dependencies uvloop and msgspec
  • update_manager: Added support for "zipped" application updates
  • file_manager: Added enable_config_write_access option
  • machine: Add support for system peripheral queries


  • simplyprint: Fixed import error preventing the component from loading.
  • update_manager: Moonraker will now restart the correct "moonraker" and "klipper" services if they are not the default values.
  • job_queue: Fixed transition wihen auto is disabled
  • history: Added modification time to file existance checks.
  • dbus_manager: Fixed PolKit warning when PolKit features are not used.
  • job_queue: Fixed a bug where the job_transition_gcode runs when the queue is started. It will now only run between jobs during automatic transition.
  • klippy_connection: Fixed a race condition that can result in skipped subscription updates.
  • configheler: Fixed inline comment parsing.
  • authorization: Fixed blocking call to socket.getfqdn()


  • build: Bumped apprise to version 1.7.0.
  • build: Bumped lmdb to version 1.4.1
  • build: Bumped tornado to version 6.4.0
  • build: Bumped jinja2 to version 3.1.3
  • build: Bumped zeroconf to version 0.131.0
  • build: Bumped libnacl to version 2.1.0
  • build: Bumped distro to version 1.9.0
  • build: Bumped pillow to version 10.2.0
  • build: Bumped streaming-form-data to version 1.13.0
  • machine: Added ratos-configurator to list of default allowed services
  • update_manager: It is now required that an application be "allowed" for Moonraker to restart it after an update.
  • update_manager: Git repo validation no longer requires a match for the remote URL and/or branch.
  • update_manager: Fixed potential security vulnerabilities in web type updates. This change adds a validation step to the install, front-end developers may refer to the configuration documentation for details.
  • update_manager: The env option for the git_repo type has been deprecated, new configurations should use the virtualenv option.
  • update_manager: The install_script option for the git_repo has been deprecated, new configurations should use the system_dependencies option.
  • update_manager: APIs that return status report additional fields. See the API Documentation for details.
  • proc_stats: Improved performance of Raspberry Pi CPU throttle detection.
  • power: Bound services are now processed during initialization when initial_state is configured.
  • gpio: Migrate from libgpiod to python-periphery
  • authorization: The authorization module is now loaded as part of Moonraker's core.

0.8.0 - 2023-02-23


This is the first tagged release since a changelog was introduced. The list below contains notable changes introduced beginning in Feburary 2023. Prior notable changes were kept in and


  • Added this changelog!
  • Added pyproject.toml with support for builds through pdm.
  • sensor: New component for generic sensor configuration.
  • file_manager: Added new scan metadata endpoint.
  • file_manager: Added new thumbnails endpoint.
  • file_manager: Added file_system_observer configuration option.
  • file_manager: Added enable_observer_warnings configuration option.
  • file_manager: Added ability to upload to symbolic links.
  • metadata: Added support for Simplify3D V5 metadata parsing
  • machine: Added shutdown_action configuration option.
  • machine: Added service detection to the supervisord_cli provider.
  • machine: Added octoeverywhere to the list of default allowed service.
  • power: Added support for "Hue" device groups.
  • websockets: Added support for direct bridge connections.
  • update_manager: Added new refresh endpoint.
  • update_manager: Added support for pinned pip upgrades.
  • websockets: Added support for post connection authentication over the websocket.
  • scripts: Added database backup and restore scripts.


  • Converted Moonraker source into a Python package.
  • The source from has been moved to The remaining code in serves as a legacy entry point for launching Moonraker.
  • file_manager: Improved inotify synchronization with API requests.
  • file_manager: Endpoint return values are now consistent with their respective websocket notifications.
  • machine: The provider configuration option now expects supervisord_cli instead of supervisord.
  • update_manager: Relaxed requirement for git repo tag detection. Now only two parts are required (ie: v1.5 and v1.5.0 are acceptable).


  • file_manager: The enable_inotify_warnings configuration option has been deprecated in favor of enable_observer_warnings.


  • file_manager: Fix edge condition where create_file notifications may be sent before a create_dir notification.
  • power - Fixed URL encoding issues for http devices.
  • template: A ConfigError is now raised when a template fails to render during configuration.
  • machine: Fixed support for Supervisord Version 4 and above.
  • update_manager: Added package resolution step to the APT backend.
  • update_manger: Fixed PackageKit resolution step for 64-bit systems.
  • update_manager: Fixed Python requirements file parsing. Comments are now ignored.


  • Pycurl dependency. Moonraker no longer uses Tornado's curl based http client.

0.7.1 - 2021-07-08

  • Experimental pre-release